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In 1980 I came to Colorado for a vacation. I went back to my hometown of Davenport Iowa and sold all the stuff I didn’t need and moved to Denver. I have been in love with Colorado ever since.


I began serious pursuit of photography shortly after moving to Denver. I attended a school of photography that instilled a love of fine art photography. I was immersed in the beauty of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, the f64 group and friends of Photography.


For many years I photographed exclusively in large format B&W film. I spent my days learning the artistry of form and depth of large format film. I finally transitioned from a 4X5 camera to digital SLR. Surprisingly I had to relearn almost everything I was doing. I traded my darkroom for a computer, an enlarger for a inkjet printer. I transitioned to working for the most part in color. Which has added a third dimension to my photography. In addition to form and depth, color has been added as a compositional element in my photographs.

Thank you, 

David Allen Simms










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